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ubuntu的這個mod剛好又有bug, 白花了一個小時在這上面

transmission 1.21 rev6164

Last Changed Author: livings124
Last Changed Rev: 6194
Last Changed Date: 2008-06-14 06:36:08 +0200 (Sat, 14 Jun 2008)

  transmission_1.21-2_i386.deb (2.7 MiB, 973 hits)

in rev6164, i was getting some weird problems, most of the torrents wouldn’t start downloading, this build has fixed this problem, so whoever downloaded the last build, please update.

mplayer 1.0rc2 rev 27055

Last Changed Author: lu_zero
Last Changed Rev: 27055
Last Changed Date: 2008-06-12 23:53:48 +0200 (Thu, 12 Jun 2008)

i had to put 3: before the version cuz otherwise the annoying update notification will pop up
it was compiled with the latest svn build x264, changed the prefix to /usr
tested with some 720p x264 videos and seeking was fucking fast, no lag at all

  mplayer_3:1.0rc2-rev27055-1_i386.deb (7.7 MiB, 802 hits)

No assembler while compiling x264

when i was trying to compile x264 on ubuntu hardy, i got “No assembler. Please install yasm”, even though i installed yasm from the repository.

after checking the configure file of x264, i found out that x264 required yasm which is higher than 0.6.2. you can download the latest (so far) build of yasm from the previous post to solve this problem.