Monthly Archives: March 2008

pcmanx 0.3.7

it’s still 0.3.5 in ubuntu repositories, and it has no mouse support, or at least I couldn’t find it

so I dl’ed the source of 0.3.7 and compiled it, couldn’t get the firefox plugin to work right but at least mouse support and IP lookup are working amazingly

fixed graphics driver and wireless

they had stopped working properly since I upgraded to hardy, so I spent some time to fix both of the problems

for wireless it was easy, because all the firmwares are still in /lib/firmware/2.6.22-14-generic and they weren’t moved to ./2.6.24-12-generic

for graphics driver, fuf, I tried a lot of things and the problem turned out to be that there was a line “blacklist fglrx” in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-restricted, commented this line and the driver was enabled automatically right after the reboot. 😀


不該嘗鮮 upgrade 到 8.04 的…

現在 envy 裝不上驅動了, direct redering 打不開了…

原來裝的 vmware 也不能用了

唯一改進的地方就是 LumaQQ 能正常顯示中文了…